FlexRadius - Authentication platform for Enterprises and ISP's

FlexRadius provides a platform for network user authentication via the Radius protocol.

It has a completely modular architecture, both towards your users as towards your network infrastructure. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, either as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance to run on any of the popular server virtualization platforms. It scales both vertically and horizontally, so no matter if you have ten or ten thousand user accounts, FlexRadius can handle it!

It has a built-in user authentication system, and integrates with your corporate access control management using LDAP, Active Directory, OpenID, OAuth or SAML. Or use both. Or even multiple methods, at the same time!

You can use the built-in radius server of the appliance, or integrate with an existing corporate radius system, for example the Juniper SBR or the Fortinet Authenticator. Due to the modular architecture, FlexRadius can integrate with any platform that provides a northbound application interface.

Your users can use FlexRadius to create visitor accounts, event accounts for multiple concurrent users, accounts for temporary staff, visitor vouchers. It supports multiple realms, location groups, location based authentication. Or use the visitor self-service registration module. Deploy FlexRadius as the authentication backend to a public or corporate wireless network deployment, an 802.1x wired deployment, or both!


FlexRadius is licensed based on the number of FlexRadius components in your deployment design, and the maximum number of accounts you want to create in the system. For large corporate users or ISP’s, a site license is available for allow for unlimited scaling.

The FlexRadius advantages

  • Completely modular architecture
  • Plugin modules for user authentication
  • Plugin modules for account creation
  • Plugin modules for Radius server updates
  • Separate web applications for visitor self-registration, authenticated users and administrators
  • Each application theme is completely customizable to conform to our corporate identity
  • Excellent scalability, both vertically and horizontally. The components can be split over multiple appliances
  • Full Radius server administration
  • Works with any radius backed NAS or Captive Portal solution
  • Support for location based authentication, based on NAS source IP address
  • Support for location grouping
  • Support for DHCP IP pools and IP address assignment
Note that the platforms radius functionality depends on the selected radius server. Please contact our sales team to work with you on selecting the right platform design for your environment!