Datacentre services

We are committed to provide the best quality for a decent price for both Dedicated Servers and Virtual Hosting. This means constant innovation to deliver the highest performing network and customer control at affordable prices.

Our services allow you to locate your server either in our own UK based datacentre, or in one of the co-location facilities of our partner IOmart, so your service can be close to the customers you serve.

Our own datacentre is designed by a renowed datacentre architect with years of experience for both multinational corporations and national governments, and utilizes firewalls, application firewalls, reverse proxies, IDP and IPS systems, not only to keep your services secure, but also to keep your services separated from other users of our datacentre.

Our virtualization technology enables services to be connected, isolated or spread across one or multiple private secure networks. We can design complex private infrastructures on a global multi-datacentre scale using unique network technologies from leading technology vendors. From Europe to North America, your private redundant infrastructures can be distributed between multiple datacentres, providing a very high level of redundancy and availability.

Virtual hosting

Taking advantage of this virtualization technology, we can host multiple servers (each of which functions as a complete and independent server) on a single physical server. Based on state of the art SuperMicro hardware and VMware’s vSphere, and backed by storage clusters providing mutl-tiered storage, the industry’s most reliable platform for data center virtualization, our service offers the highest levels of availability and responsiveness.

Select from our pre-configured packages designed to meet the requirements of different-sized workloads or order exactly the resources needed for a customized instance. Customers are able to operate and maintain their own virtual machine, or can subscribe to one of the Managed Hosting Services provided by our Data Center Team.

Our service addresses the majority of server hosting requirements. When your application requirements or non-standard configurations require the use of physical hardware, consider our Physical Server Hosting service.

Physical server hosting

Physical Server Hosting is the colocation of dedicated hardware in a shared data center environment. This may be needed if you have specific equipment requirements, that can't be fulfilled by a virtualisation platform. We provide ongoing server administration based upon our Managed Hosting Services fees.

Our Virtual Server service addresses the majority of server hosting requirements. However, there are specific instances where application requirements or non-standard configurations will require the use of physical hardware. Our service can address these unique requirements by providing customers with a secure location and network connectivity for housing mission-critical servers and related equipment without incurring the full cost of maintaining a data center environment.

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