Carefree Mail

With the Carefree Email service you have at your disposal — immediately and without investment — a private centrally managed professional mail server, including mailboxes and contacts, and optionally also tasks, calendars and activesync support.

Standard edition

The Standard edition offers a complete Email service, including POP3, IMAP and webmail access. For all protocols secure versions are available, and if you opt to use this service with your own internet domain name, you can select which of the available protocols will be enabled for your users.

The service is full-featured, and amongst others supports multiple domains, domain aliasing, email aliasing, multiple email addresses per mailbox, email forwarding, quota restrictions per mailbox, out-of-the-office notification and full administrative access to the mailboxes in your email domain. Spam filtering and greylisting is included to keep your mailbox clean of unwanted messages.

The service is billed per email domain per month, with an initial period of three months, and after that with a month notice period. You don't pay for the number of mailboxes you use, you only pay for the total amount of email storage allocated to your domain.

Enterprise edition

The Carefree Email Enterprise edition is based on Sogo Groupware, and provides a seamless access experience to your central email environment, either via a modern web interface, or using your email client of choice, both on the desktop as mobile, with full Microsoft ActiveSync support.

How do we progress?

It all starts with a good conversation. Contact us using the details below, and get the process started.