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FlexCoders of London
Creators of bespoke web applications
Solution focused
Agile. Flexible. Fast
Platform independent
Application hosting
Application maintenance
Managed datacentre services

Application Development

Almost 30 years of application development experience, and 15 years of building web based applications. No matter what the job is, we will get it done!

Bespoke Applications

Ready made applications for niche markets. Fully customisable. Contact us to discuss any opportunities you may have for a joint development "Flex" project.

Modular Extensibility

We create to your specifications. You name it, we build it. Our creations are modular in design, making is easy to make changes or add new functionality.

Very Well Documented

We take pride in our documentation. Our application code reads like a book. Which makes it a breeze to maintain. Now, or five years down the line.

Managed Hosting Service

You'll take care of your business. While we take care of your business applications. Around the clock. So you can focus on the things that are important.

Great Customer Support

In the unlikely event you need us, we will be there. And not with call centre agents, but with the same developers that actually created your application.