New year, new challenges

A new year will start soon.

It will be a year filled with challenges for the FlexCoders team, which we're going to face head-on, as always. After all, we finish projects on time, and on budget. So we have a reputation to project. And knowing our excellent team of people, I'm sure we will succeed!

A new year also means new management.

I have decided to move on, as the last year has taught me I'm better in sales than I am in (people) management, and I believe that a growing startup company needs strong management to keep growing, and to prosper. Come the new year, I will be replaced by a new Managing Director. With over 30 years of IT experience, and almost 20 years of IT enterpreneurship under his belt, he is the perfect man for the job. I wish him a lot of success in his latest venture.

So, happy new year everybody, lets make it count!

- Ryan Smith -