FlexReporter - Versatile reporting engine for any database data

FlexReporter provides a platform for application data archiving and flexible generation of reports based on database information.

It utilizes it's own database in which data from all our application can be archived, and provides an open API to populate this database with information from other applications you want tor report on, with pull- and push mechanisms. All our applications can provide a FlexReporter interface, through which their databases can be queries too. And of course, all our applications come with a set of pre-defined reports for the data in their databases.

It has a built-in user authentication system, and integrates with your corporate access control management using LDAP, Active Directory, OpenID, OAuth or SAML. Or use both. Or even multiple methods, at the same time! And it goes without saying that it can utilize our own authentication platform, FlexRadius!

Reports can be pre-defined, and saved for personal use, or distributed to multiple users using role-based access. Reports can be scheduled for automatic generation, results can be saved or send by email in PDF, XLS or CSV format.


FlexReporter has a fixed license fee, independent of the number of users, or the storage used.